• There's relief and then there's Relieva

    REFRESH® RELIEVA is available in preserved, preservative-free multidose, and a formula for contact lens wearers. The trio is specially formulated to relieve discomfort due to eye dryness and prevent further irritation. It features our proprietary HydroCell technology, which enables hydration and maintains the volume of cells on the ocular surface.

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  • The overnight relief you've been waiting for is back!

    Thank you for your patience as we worked to bring back our best in nighttime relief for your dry, irritated eyes. You can now find REFRESH P.M.® and Lacri-Lube® at a variety of retailers nationwide and online at amazon.com.

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  • REFRESH® Answers the Call When Dry Eye Symptoms Occur.

    First responders are often exposed to heat, smoke, wind, and dust, and that can take a toll on their eyes. This is part of the day-to-day challenges they must endure in order to save lives. That is why we are proud to support America's best by providing them with over $4 Million in REFRESH® eye drops, because they deserve relief too.
    $3 Million in REFRESH(R) Donated


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