So, what exactly
is dry eye?

Explore each section to gain a basic understanding of eye dryness, the symptoms, the causes and treatment options.


Often an imbalance of salt within our tears causes Dry Eye symptoms to occur. When too much salt is present, the cells of the eye have a hard time retaining moisture and maintaining a healthy state. If you are using an artificial tear to help treat Dry Eye symptoms, it is important to use one that is low in salt and rich in organic osmolytes.

A dry eye is a salty eye. Excess salt in the tear film causes epithelial cells to lose water and volume. This loss increases internal salt levels which, if left untreated, can lead to inflammation and cell damage. To restore volume, these salt-stressed cells will take in organic osmolytes. Water returns to the cell, internal salt levels return to normal, and cell volume is restored.

We call this Osmoprotection.

REFRESH OPTIVE® Gel Drops and REFRESH OPTIVE® formulas are low in salt and rich in organic osmolytes.

Organic Osmolytes vs. Salt in Artificial Tears chart

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